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In 2018, Public Fund donations are being used to assist with urgent administrative expenditure which keeps the organisation going – office costs, travel where it cannot be externally supported, production of Australasian Plant Conservation, and office staff salaries. Grant funding for admin purposes have significantly diminished in recent years.

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Donations of $2 or more to the ANPC are tax-deductible.

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Donations of money or property made as tax-deductible are placed in the ANPC Public Fund, and managed as prescribed under ATO rules and in our Constitution. A Tax Receipt will be issued for all donations. Ordinary monetary donations for any amount are always welcome. Special donations i.e. non-monetary donations, large monetary donations or donations which you would like to tie to a particular purpose are also welcome. We ask that such special donations be discussed with us beforehand, as they may need special management to ensure best benefits to you and to us. To discuss a special donation with a staff member, please contact the ANPC office on 02 6250 9509.

2018 donations

The ANPC is a small and dispersed national organisation. We operate on very small surpluses from events and grants. Much of our work is on a voluntary or in-kind basis from members, individuals and organisations. We spend what money we have very carefully. We have during peak times only four part-time staff, two of them project-funded (grants and self-funding workshops etc), and two on administration and business management. 

Yet we consistently punch above our weight. Some of our key achievements:

All our work is aimed at promoting native plant conservation and best practice.

Our projects, funded by successful applications for competitive grants, have small administrative components. We do not dip into project funds for other admin expenses. Project budgeting and expenditure (including two contracted part-time staff) is partitioned, secure, and on-budget.

Our Public Fund assets, generated by tax-deductible donations, are small. Some have been donated for general use, but most are earmarked by donors for particular uses, not for general expenses.

Our administrative expenditure keeps the organisation going – office costs, travel where it cannot be externally supported, production of Australasian Plant Conservation, and office staff salaries. In the past we have successfully secured funding for admin purposes but more recently these types of grants have significantly diminished.

Since the last AGM, the ANPC Committee and Office have adopted a new financial management system. This, and prompt analysis by our new Treasurer Chris Ikin, have revealed an immediate and urgent shortfall on the administrative side of our budget – this must be remedied before the end of this financial year (30 June 2018) if we are to avoid technical insolvency. If we succeed, we will have breathing space to reappraise the budget, search for more admin funding, and decide what activity remains financially prudent.

The Committee and staff of ANPC are working hard to reduce administrative expenditure, but there is very little fat to cut. All possible expenditure reductions are being examined. And yes, we are looking at a possible membership fee increase, but we are very conscious of the limits to people’s budgets – and in any case this would not be the short-term fix needed.

Donations to the Public Fund, which are tax-deductible, will help us reach the end of this financial year in the black, and strengthen our position for the future. If you, or friends or family, are planning to donate to a conservation cause before 30 June, please consider the ANPC!


past donations

From 2015 to 2017, Public Fund donations contributed to the development and ongoing maintenance of this new and improved website. A big thank you to everyone who donated to this, especially Natural Area Consulting Management Services, as this helped cover the costs of establishing and designing the website, as well as producing the on-line payment forms for memberships, publications and donations. 

Thanks to a confidential $5,000 donation in 2017, we are now working on further upgrading the website onto a more user friendly platform which will incorporate an on-line membership database, event registration features and members only log-in page. The website will continually be updated and expanded to increase the community's knowledge, awareness and appreciation of native plants, especially threatened plant species and endangered ecological communities from around Australia, with the provision of innovative educational resources and information, and expansion of the kids page.  The website will also be further developed to provide a comprehensive resource for all those working in plant conservation - for example, the establishment of a Resource Bibliography for Australian Plant Identification will soon be available online for everyone to use to keep track of all the available Australian floras and plant identification publications.