Learn about best-practice translocation and network with others working in the field! 

The Translocation Workshop will provide an overview of the ANPC's new 3rd edition of the Guidelines for the Translocation of Threatened Plants in Australia and feature presentations on many aspects of translocation including seeds, genetics, policy, approvals processes, translocation proposals, implementation and monitoring. Opportunities for questions, discussion and networking will also enable information-sharing.

Speakers will include some who have contributed to the new Guidelines including David Coates, Margaret Byrne and Leonie Monks from the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), as well as Lucy Commander, Translocation Project Officer with the ANPC.

This Workshop will be relevant to all those who are involved in any aspect of threatened plant translocation including decision making, proposals, research, preparation, implementation and monitoring, as well as all those interested in threatened plants, ecological restoration and plant conservation (including DBCA staff, researchers working on threatened species, NRM groups, NGOs, the mining industry and environmental consultants). 

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Location: Keiran McNamara Conservation Science Centre, DBCA, 17 Dick Perry Ave, Technology Park, Western Precinct, Kensington, Perth, Western Australia 6151

Time: 8.30am - 5.00pm

More information: please contact Lucy Commander on this email.

Purchase your copy of the Translocation Guidelines here!


Introduction by Dr Margaret Byrne, DBCA
Lucy Commander - Plant translocations in Australia and an overview of the Translocation Guidelines
Colin Yates - Ecology of threatened flora
Wege - Taxonomy for conservation – documenting Western Australia's most vulnerable species
Andrew Crawford - Collecting and storing seed of threatened flora for translocation
Shane Turner - Seed biology and nursery propagation of threatened flora for translocation
Bunn - Micropropagation and cryobanking of threatened flora
David Coates - Genetics in planning and monitoring plant translocations
Melanie Smith - WA policy, legislation and approvals required for translocations
Llorens - Preparing a translocation proposal in Western Australia
Leonie Monks - Implementing and assessing translocations in Western Australia
Carole Elliott - Case studies of translocation in the mining sector

Siegy Krauss - Long term translocation monitoring: Grevillea scapigera case study
Plus small group discussions, panel discussion and networking



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