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Help us promote and improve plant conservation in Australia!


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Being a member is one of the most solid contributions you can make to our conservation work. Membership fees are an essential part of our financial base, and members and member-organisations are the lifeblood of our network.

Some of our high priority projects for 2020 include:


ANPC membership entitles you to discounts and benefits including: subscription to four (4) editions of the ANPC’s quarterly bulletin Australasian Plant Conservation; discounts to ANPC workshops, conferences and forums; and discounted subscription to Ecological Management and Restoration (EMR).

**Exclusive to ANPC members, a gift membership form is available with a 10% discount!**

Need a present for someone who cares about our native plants? Just complete our Gift Membership Form and email it back to this email.

They will receive four editions of Australasian Plant Conservation per calendar year as well as discounts to our workshops and conferences. You can also elect for them to receive the FREE e-version of Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia and/or subscribe to Ecological Management and Restoration!

Your gift will help contribute to plant conservation in Australia. We couldn’t achieve all we do without our members! Don’t forget you can also organise your membership renewal, if necessary, by clicking on the link above. Thank you!

You can JOIN or RENEW your membership using one of the two following methods:


Click here to go to the ANPC membership form and eWay payment gateway.



You can either:

  • email the form
  • print and fax the form to us on (02) 6250 9599; or
  • print and send the form by mail to: Australian Network for Plant Conservation, GPO Box 1777, Canberra  ACT  2601

Contact us if you have any questions.


Membership/subscriptions are for a single calendar year or three calendar years. The membership fees for 2020 are:

Membership type/subscriptionOne yearThree years
Individual concession$45$110
Community Group$115$290
Small Business (< 20 employees)$115$290
Library subscription$115$290
Corporate/Government Agency$620$1,500
EMR subscription$60n/a

The ANPC gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Corporate Members:

and Ballarat Botanical Gardens



Our mission is to “to promote and improve plant conservation in Australia.”

Your membership helps show your support for the promotion and development of plant conservation and also entitles you to discounts and benefits including:

  • subscription to the ANPC’s quarterly bulletin Australasian Plant Conservation
  • discounts to ANPC workshops, conferences and forums
  • electronic version of APC bulletin (optional)
  • tax-deductible donations
  • discounted subscription to Ecological Management and Restoration (EMR). The ANPC is affiliated with EMR and ANPC members can subscribe at a special discount rate of approximately 27%. Please note: this is only available to individual members (not to groups or organisations)

The ANPC gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Small Business members:

Amaryllis EnvironmentalBushland Management Solutions Pty LtdMackay Regional Botanic Gardens
Ausecology Pty LtdBushland Restoration ServicesNorth Barker Ecosystem Services
Australian Tropical HerbariumCarbon Based Environmental P/LSJ Landscape Constructions Pty Ltd
Banrock Station Ramsar UnitG V Community Energy – Goulburn Broken Indigenous Seedbank


Direct debit explained

  • The direct debit facility was established during the upgrade of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation’s website;
  • The payment is automatically deducted from the credit card account nominated on the attached form (direct debit form).
  • This function will keep your membership current, ensuring you receive the Australasian Plant Conservation Bulletin from the scheduled distribution.

How it works

  • Renewals are processed on an annual (or three yearly) basis, capturing the data of the renewals that are due to expire at the end of the year.
  • You will be notified in writing when the automatic transaction will take place.
  • This date is set by the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc.
  • Your credit card details are stored on a secure platform with eWAY.
  • You will be given 3 weeks notice prior to the schedule date to indicate if you prefer not to have your credit card deducted on the scheduled date.
  • A receipt will be issued on completion.

How to sign up for direct debit

  • The attached form (direct debit form) must be completed;
  • Ensure you read the complete terms and conditions, sign and date your authorisation.

Can I renew without direct debit?

  • Yes, you may renew your membership with direct deposit, cheque, bank cheque or money order. Alternatively you can send your renewal to the office and the ANPC staff will process the membership renewal with your credit card directly through Bendigo Bank.