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SPA Audit

Collecting Boree (Acacia pendula) seed. (Photo: Martin Driver)

Seed Production Area Audit

The SPA audit investigated the availability of existing seed infrastructure (such as seed banks), and regional resources (such as local seed databases, vegetation guides and plant lists). It assessed whether the volume and species of seed grown in existing SPAs is sufficient and appropriate in different regions, and undertook an investigation to explore barriers and opportunities in the seed and restoration sectors. This could include an analysis of solutions like major government investors requiring adherence to the guidelines for funded restoration projects, or a licencing code for ecological restoration that requires adherence to the guidelines. This research identified and analysed the evidence for different solutions, including (but not limited to):

  • whether restoration projects can be designed so that they can also serve as SPAs, and therefore deliver better value for money.
  • how partnerships can be utilised to drive co-ordinated solutions and leverage support and investment.
  • whether investment in SPAs, or other solutions, will have longevity as climatic conditions change.
  • analysis of options for designing a framework to ensure best practice is embedded in the sector, consider different elements such as licencing, quality assurance systems, standards, guidelines, auditing and compliance requirements and/or accreditation.
  • whether there are knowledge gaps that need to be addressed before change can occur in this sector.


You can download the SPA Audit here.