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Myrtle Rust in Australia – a major threat to native biodiversity

Myrtle Rust is a major new threat to Australia’s flora. This information hub has been developed by the ANPC to contribute to response capabilities here in Australia and overseas.

The ANPC has been at the centre of attempts by concerned scientists and conservation practitioners to develop a coordinated and funded national response to this threat. Your support for our work in this area, and on broader aspects of environmental biosecurity, would be welcome – please contact the office.

Two recent (June 2018) documents are posted here by permission of the Australian Plant Biosecurity Science Foundation.

Myrtle Rust reviewed: the impacts of the invasive pathogen Austropuccinia psidii on the Australian environment.  Makinson, R.O. (2018a). Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra.

Myrtle Rust in Australia – a draft Action Plan. Makinson, R.O. (2018b). Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra.


Rust pustules and spore masses on Agonis flexuosa (willow myrtle) cv. ‘Afterdark’.

(Dr Louise Morin ©CSIRO)


Archival Material (Sept 2010)