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ANPC Staff

Jo Lynch – Business Manager

Jo Lynch has been the Business Manager at the ANPC since 2013. She is passionate about the protection and restoration of natural areas including bushland regeneration, weed management and increased awareness and appreciation of endangered plant species. After graduating from Southern Cross University and 18 years working in Tasmania and Sydney in the rehabilitation of natural areas and regional weed management, Jo moved to Canberra in 2007 and is responsible for seeking grants, sponsorship and donations at the ANPC along with promoting and raising awareness of the ANPC and native plant conservation in Australia. Jo’s love of plants was cemented in the cool temperate rainforests of Tasmania and resulted in many overseas trips to see such botanical wonders as the redwoods of California, the rainforests of New Zealand and Patagonia, the remnant European laurel forests of the Canary Islands and the tropical rainforests of Borneo.

Dr Martin Driver – Project Manager Healthy Seeds

Martin Driver is Project Manager for the Healthy Seeds project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust. This has resulted in the publication of The Australian Native Seed Survey Report and revisions of the Florabank seed guidelines. The project is working on the current status of the seed sector in NSW and will report on interventions required to enhance NSW native seed supplies. In this role Martin enjoys running regional workshops and extension programs. Martin has also been coordinating the Bring Back the Banksias Wettenhall Environment Trust funded project. This involves working with a large network of organisations and practitioners in investigating issues relating to the restoration of Banksia marginata populations across its range. These roles draw on Martin’s background in vegetation management and ecology with the CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology. He has also been the Regional Manager of Greening Australia, Riverina and worked for the Murray Indigenous Seed Service and subsequently managed the Murray seedbank and restoration programs for the Catchment Management Authority.

Image by: Jaana Dielenberg

Dr Lucy Commander – Project Manager Florabank Guidelines

Dr Lucy Commander is the Project Manager for the update of the FloraBank Guidelines – an activity within the Healthy Seeds Project. Previously, Lucy was the Project Manager and lead editor of the 3rd edition of the Guidelines for Translocation of Threatened Plants in Australia. Lucy led a team of 30 experts to update the Guidelines, which were published in 2018. As part of this project Lucy ran four workshops across the country and is planning three workshops in Victoria for the project Plants Going Places. Lucy has been interested in native seeds since her Honours project, in which she studied seed germination of a tree needed for mine-site restoration in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She went on to complete a PhD at The University of Western Australia on seed ecology and restoration at Shark Bay, WA. Based at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, WA, Lucy then completed several research projects for industry partners to enable them to improve their seed use for restoration, before commencing employment at the ANPC. You can find Lucy’s list of publications on Google Scholar or contact her on Twitter.

Amelia Martyn Yenson, Project Officer (Germplasm Guidelines)Dr Amelia Martyn Yenson – Project Manager Germplasm Guidelines

Amelia Martyn Yenson began as Project Manager, Germplasm Guidelines, in February 2020. Amelia is coordinating the revision of the publication ‘Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia – strategies and guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collections’, which is funded by The Ian Potter Foundation. The third edition of the Germplasm Guidelines will be available mid-2021, with workshops to follow. Her background is seed research, particularly seed dormancy and longevity, at the Australian PlantBank of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. A highlight of her current ANPC role is connecting with plant scientists and conservation experts throughout Australia and discussing their role in ex situ conservation. She is particularly excited about showcasing the techniques, projects and partnerships across Australia that conserve threatened plants in seedbanks and botanic gardens. You can see Amelia’s publication list on Google Scholar  or ResearchGate and follow her on Instagram.

Communications Manager – Vacant