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Report: Right Plant, Right Way

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October 2021

A First Nations led review of revegetation in Victoria

This report summarises the key findings from a review of the revegetation sector in Victoria. It includes opportunities to respond to challenges and direction for the future of the sector to heal Country.

A desired outcome of this review is to reduce barriers for First Nations people in Victoria to practice self-determination in revegetation and healing Country. This means the ability to access opportunities that suit their obligations, Country and economies. The report is intended as a living document which can continue to be developed by First Nations as they shape ‘The Right Way’.

Authors: Anne Buchan, Amos Atkinson, Angela Muscatello, Arron Nicholls, Bec Phillips, Bonnie Joachim, Chase Ahgan, Donna Gorey, Glendle Schrader, Freya James, Jarrod West, Jodie Kingsmore, Jen Grindrod, Kayla Baksh, La Vergne Lehmann, Marilyne Nicholls, Nathan McAdam, Nathan Wong, Nick Lewis, Ralph Hume, Richard Beckhurst, Ruth Glass, Tyler Furgeson.