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Beyond the Guidelines: designing resilient, persistent plant translocations.

This workshop was held on 16 November 2023 as part of the 3rd International Conservation Translocation Conference held in Fremantle, Western Australia.

It focused on aspects of planning and practice that can improve the likelihood of establishing healthy, resilient and recruiting plant populations, that will persist over the long term. The talks included practical examples of sourcing seed or other germplasm types, selecting recipient sites (macro and microsites), post planting management techniques and genetic health assessments. They also addressed creation of populations that are resilient to disturbance. The sessions covered the following 3 themes:

– pre-translocation

– planting

– post-translocation.

Download the flyer and program here

Recordings from the workshop are available on the ANPC Youtube channel here

Download or purchase the ANPC’s Translocation Guidelines here