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ANPC News is the monthly e-newsletter where we share news about plant conservation from the ANPC and around Australia!

Contribute to ANPC News

If you have some news that could be of interest to the readers of ANPC News, please email the ANPC office, making sure to put “For ANPC News” in the title. Also please note:

  • Keep your news item concise, preferably one paragraph, and provide a link that readers can click for further information.
  • Attachments can’t be included in news items. If you have a flier, publication or other document you want people to look at, please upload it to your own website and provide the link in your news article.
  • We only publish material that is of direct relevance to plant conservation.
  • We are unfortunately not able to publish everything we receive.
  • We reserve the right to edit news contributions without the permission or review of the author.

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