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In collaboration with the Centre for Ecosystem Science, UNSW, the ANPC held ‘FLORA AFTER FIRE – winners, losers and lessons‘ via Zoom webinar 12.30 – 4.30pm AEST on Wednesday 16 August 2023.

This free online symposium was focused on the post-fire recovery of native vegetation.

A range of speakers covered three themes:
1 – plant and fire relationships
2 – impacts and observations (case studies)
3 – lessons and actions moving forward

Watch the recordings here

Speakers from across Australia discussed plant and fire impacts, with special emphasis on Black Summer impacts and recovery. Speakers listed below:

Session 1

  • Dr Mark Ooi – Plants and post-fire recovery under changing fire regimes
  • Prof Tony Auld – Framework for how plants are impacted by fire
  • Ryan Tangney – Changes in fire seasons modify post-fire recovery success
  • Mercedes Ondik – Monitoring impacts of the 2019-20 bushfires on soils

Session 2

  • Jenny Guerin – Kangaroo Island Bushfire Recovery and Seed Production Area
  • Mark Clifton – Genomics and Recovery of Callistemon kenmorrisonii post-Black Summer
  • Linda Henderson – Fire and Soils
  • Paul Williams – Regular burning reduces wildfire impacts, and follow up fires maintain healthy eucalypt forests across Qld
  • Mark Graham – Fire in Gondwana: Losers, Winners and Lessons
  • Jeremy Bruhl & Heidi Zimmer – Post-Fire Epiphytic Orchid Surveys, Four Australian Cinderella Orchids

Session 3

  • AJ Perkins – Good Fire and Bad Fire
  • Geoff Pegg – A case study on Country – the impacts of myrtle rust
  • Ruby Paroissien – Seedling Image Library
  • Dr Tein McDonald – Post-fire First Aid for Burnt Bushland (FABB)
  • Melinda Pickup – Planning for post fire restoration: what is the role of seed in post-fire recovery

Session 4

  • Tom Le Breton – Conservation lessons from species assessments after the 2019-2020 fires
  • Dr Belinda Kenny – Hotspots Fire Project
  • Assoc Prof Rachel Gallagher – Planned actions of the Environment Node
  • Damian Wrigley – Responding to disaster – How a network makes a difference
  • Andrew Denham – Future opportunities; what we learnt from the 2019-2020 fires about monitoring and data collection
  • Libby Rumpff – What’s next? Improving the evidence base to support decision-making