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OEH Save our Species

Help us find Australia’s rarest Banksia!

Banksia vincentia is Australia’s rarest banksia. There are only 5 plants in the wild, found in a secret location on the south coast of NSW. It is being closely monitored by Dr David Bain, Threatened Species Officer from the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) in partnership with the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, Booderee Botanic Garden and Wollongong Botanic Garden.  Read more here at ABC News.

Watch the videos here: ABC Open Illawarra – Saving Australia’s rarest Banksia and OEH Youtube video  

Download the brochure here.


Dr David Bain

Threatened Species Officer

Office of Environment and Heritage

Mobile: 4224 4162



This is one of many projects being undertaken by OEH for the Saving our Species program which aims to secure threatened plants and animals in the wild in NSW.

You can sign up to their newsletter and view their latest videos online at OEH Saving our Species.

The Saving our Species program:

  • consults extensively with experts and applies independent peer reviewed science to species, populations of a species and ecological communities projects
  • takes a rigorous and transparent approach to prioritising investment in projects that ensure benefit to the maximum number of species
  • provides targeted conservation projects that set out the actions required to save specific plants and animals on mapped management sites
  • regularly monitors the effectiveness of projects so they can be improved over time
  • encourages community, corporate and government participation in threatened species conservation by providing a website and a database with information on project sites, volunteering and research opportunities.