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The Queensland Threatened Plant Network (QTPN) is a collaborative project established under the Queensland Government’s Threatened Species Program and the Australian Network for Plant Conservation (ANPC). The QTPN aims to provide support to stakeholders contributing to threatened plant recovery across the state, and to facilitate the formation of partnerships among groups conserving native flora.

The network is a pilot programme currently funded from August 2023 to August 2025.  The project is governed by a Steering Committee that meets monthly to provide direction and support to the Project Manager.

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Ricinocarpos speciosus (vulnerable) – credit: Paul Donatiu

Key Objectives

The QTPN will contribute significantly to threatened plant species conservation by facilitating a collective, informed and collaborative approach to threatened plant recovery.  Notably, the Network will: 

    • Develop and maintain a network of relevant organisations and individuals that contribute to the recovery of threatened plant species in Queensland.  
    • Coordinate efforts through participation, cooperation and information exchange. 
    • Facilitate addressing knowledge gaps that inhibit recovery of Queensland’s threatened plant species. 
    • Collate and disseminate relevant information about threatened plant conservation projects to members. 
    • Develop, support and promote threatened plant education and training programs. 
    • Maintain regular communication with members through appropriate mechanisms, including an annual Network members symposium. 
    • Facilitate the development of threatened species recovery teams or working groups by connecting network members with similar threatened plant recovery interests or skills/experience. 

Benefits of QTPN Membership

QTPN invites your group to become a member of the Network through joining the ANPC.

Membership benefits include:

    • Access to relevant information about threatened plant conservation and recovery.
    • Access to training events focussed on relevant information about threatened plant conservation and recovery.
    • Assistance with the formation of Recovery Teams.
    • Assistance with the development of Recovery Action Plans.
    • One or three-year membership with the Australian Network for Plant Conservation which includes access to the quarterly Australian Plant Conservation bulletin.
    • Access to annual QTPN Symposia events.
    • Access to the Queensland Threatened Plant Inventory (database of recovery actions across the State).

Organisational members

To join the QTPN as an organisation, please contact Paul Donatiu at:

Native Plants Queensland

Rockhampton Branch

Donate to ANPC to help support the Queensland Threatened Plant Network


Paul Donatiu – Project Manager 0434258076

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