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Review of the ANPC’s ‘Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia’ guidelines

The ANPC is extremely excited to announce that we have been awarded an Environment and Conservation grant from The Ian Potter Foundation to review and update the ANPC’s Germplasm Guidelines over the next two years.

Called ‘Conserving our national plant treasures: guidelines for collecting, storing and growing Australian plants for restoration, this project will fund the comprehensive update of one of our flagship publications Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia – strategies and guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collections‘.

The Germplasm Guidelines are the definitive Australian standard for native seed and regenerative plant material collection, storage and use, last being published in 2009. Since that time, seed biology research has progressed significantly and to ensure that the latest information is passed onto practitioners and land managers, we will bring together leading experts in seed biology research and practice from across Australia to review and rewrite the Guidelines.

The project will incorporate updated scientific knowledge to ensure Australia’s seed sector maintains the necessary skills and knowledge required. We will employ a project manager to co-ordinate the revision, with a specialised two day consultation workshop with germplasm experts. We will also develop new training materials which will be delivered at four stakeholder workshops across Australia. For those unable to attend these events, online training and innovative video content will be produced to widely promote and promulgate the new Guidelines and its content.