Organised by the ANPC and the Threatened Species Recovery Hub, with support from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, ‘Plants Going Places’ attracted a capacity audience of 80 people (with a waiting list) demonstrating a huge interest in plant translocation.

Attendees included threatened species project coordinators, environmental consultants, local government officers, NGOs, NRM organisations, bushcare volunteers and community members who were involved, or had an interest, in policy and/or the implementation of planned translocations (including population augmentation and/or establishment of new populations). Local and national experts held a range of presentations on provenance, orchids, the science of translocation, monitoring, licensing, policy and numerous case studies including Asterolasia buxifoliaFontainea orariaPersoonia pauciflora, and Wollemia nobilis. Download the program here.

All powerpoint presentations were audio recorded and will be uploaded to the web soon, so watch this space!

For more information on the workshop, please e-mail Heidi Zimmer.

PRESS RELEASE: Issued 31 July 2017

Participants at the Translocation Information Day held in the Maiden Theatre at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. (Photo: Jo Lynch)