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New Global Host List for Myrtle Rust pathogen

New Global Host List for Myrtle Rust pathogen

ANPC is proud that our website is the publication point for an updated Global Host List for the plant pathogen Austropuccinia psidii, the causative agent of Myrtle Rust disease, by Julia Soewarto and co-authors.  The new Global Host List shows that the host range now stands at 480 nominate species (524 taxa when subspecies are counted separately, as they are in Australian conservation practice).  This host range, and the rapid geographic spread of one strain of the pathogen, demonstrate that Myrtle Rust disease is now a major threatening process for the Myrtaceae family on a global scale. The new global host list is downloadable from

For Australian users, be aware that some of the scientific names and ranks (species vs subspecies) on this list differ from current usage in Australia or in some States, as it is based on a master-list of taxa from RBG Kew in the UK (and similar discrepancies may apply to some New Zealand host species).  A few undescribed but phrase-named species, fully accepted in Australia, are also omitted for the same reason (e.g. Lenwebbia sp. ‘Main Range’ and Lenwebbia sp. ‘Blackall Range’). This global list in current form also lacks within-Australia distributional information and some Australian conservation-status information.  These details, for all except very recent Australian additions to the global list, can be found in Appendix 3 of ‘Myrtle Rust reviewed: the impacts of the invasive pathogen Austropuccinia psidii on the Australian environment’, current to May 2018, which is downloadable from the same web address.

ANPC Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 20 November 2019, 1-2pm (AEDT)

ANPC Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 20 November 2019, 1-2pm (AEDT)

The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc. (ANPC) will be held on Wednesday 20 November 2019, from 13:00 pm to 14:00 pm (Australian Eastern Daylight-Saving Time) in the Dickson Room, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Clunies Ross St, Acton, 2601. All financial members are encouraged to attend in a voting capacity to ensure we reach a quorum, and to hear about what the ANPC has achieved over the last year. This includes individual members and representatives of organisational members. Please RSVP to the Secretary, Melissa Millar, by Wednesday 13 November 2019. This will greatly assist us in preparing a successful AGM. The draft Agenda is available here.

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Nominees for the above positions must complete the ANPC_Committee_Nomination_Form_2019. Nominations must specify the position being sought. For clarification of the duties of the positions, or of the membership status of nominees or nominators, please contact the Secretary well before the deadline. Nominations must be received by the Secretary at least seven days before the AGM, i.e. by close of business on Wednesday 13 November 2019. Nominations may be emailed to the Secretary, or faxed to the ANPC at 02 6250 9599, or mailed to The Secretary, ANPC Inc., GPO Box 1777 Canberra ACT 2601. Nominees need to be nominated and seconded by two (2) members of the Network and these can be submitted separately if required.