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Abstract submissions for ASSC 2020 are open until 5 January 2020. You are invited to submit an abstract for a 15 minute oral presentation or poster presentation. Delegates are encouraged to select the presentation format that best suits the material to be presented. Posters will be displayed through the duration of the Conference, providing you the opportunity to showcase your work and engage in discussions with attendees. ASSC 2020 will be covering the following themes::
  1. Seed biology and evolutionary ecology – Unlocking the challenges of germination, dormancy and seed ecology in a changing world.
  2. Seed sourcing and end-use – Considering genetic diversity, restoration and translocations as well as sector specific approaches to seed conservation and use.
  3. Seed and gene bank management – The ins and outs of managing ex situ seed banks and gene banks and the methods for maximising seed quality and longevity.
  4. Seeds in culture and society – Sharing stories and learning about cultural seed use, including collaborations between traditional use and ex situ seed banks and gene banks.

Visit the website for more information and to download the abstract template.