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The Healthy Seeds Consortium of partners from across the native seed and ecological restoration sectors has been established between the ANPC and the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity ResearchRoyal Botanic Gardens SydneyDepartment of Planning, Industry and EnvironmentAustralian Seed Bank PartnershipGreening AustraliaAustralian Association of Bush Regenerators and the Society Ecological Restoration Australasia, to oversee the project and has held its first meeting. Martin Driver and Lucy Commander commenced in September as the Healthy Seeds Project Manager and Florabank Guidelines Project Manager respectively, and have hit the ground running. And Murray Local Land Services is about to start the audit and investigation into past and present Seed Production Areas (SPAs) in NSW. SPAs are seen as central to overcoming shortfalls in high quality native seed for ecological restoration, and for improving seed supply reliability, reducing pressure on wild populations, and for improving genetic provenance and diversity to ensure the long-term health and resilience of restored ecosystems. Read more.