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The ANPC are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of the third edition of ‘Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia – strategies and guidelines for developing, managing and utilising ex situ collections’ (also known as the Germplasm Guidelines) edited by ANPC Project Manager Dr Amelia Martyn Yenson. The launch will be held on Tuesday 7 September during the online Australasian Seed Science Conference. Join the launch to discover why this best-practice handbook is so important for plant conservation in Australia, what new content has been added, and how you can use the Guidelines in your work.

We also warmly invite everyone to the Australian Academy of Science Fenner Conference on the Environment: Exceptional times, exceptional plants. The conference will include presentations and a panel session on identifying and conserving non-orthodox species. It will also provide an opportunity to strengthen partnerships and interact with experts online. This event will be held on Thursday 9 September 2021 and is free to join, even if you are not attending the Australasian Seed Science Conference. Register now here.