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The ANPC is about to receive funding from San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG), with encouragement from the US Center for Plant Conservation, to prevent rare plant extinction and reduce impacts of future fires in eastern Australia. Narrow-range endemics and priority threatened plant species most sensitive to having recovery disrupted by repeated fires in the near future will be identified. Field inspections will quantify recovery and identify threats that need amelioration. Seed and/or vegetative germplasm will be collected and established at regional botanic gardens.
Working with experts, land managers, indigenous consultants, and fire management authorities, we will assess fire regimes and impacted plant species, and develop a document ‘Fire Regimes That Cause Biodiversity Decline’ and web tools designed to provide guidance on recovery actions and build the resilience of biota to future fires. Local research scientists and contractual field scientists will conduct on the ground assessments that can inform the habitat-specific guidance plan. Promotional materials and web-based interactive tools will be created to guide community thinking and actions in post-fire landscape management. Draft strategies for at least 10 species will be developed to protect them from future fires and other threats during their sensitive recovery phases. Read more.